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The Best Choice of Service Provider for the VPD Methodology Equipment

VISL is a complete solution provider for wafer surface heavy metal contamination analysis which using VPD methodology of the equipment market. Our services include design, software development, product development and manufacturing for the VPD methodology equipment.

We are making use of our experience as a global service company not only to maintain our core semiconductor business but expand into new ventures such as solar technology and medical devices. While earning high recognition for our ability to custom design and manufacture the VPD methodology equipment products, our services will continue to aid customers in successfully meeting the demands.

We provide engineering and maintenance services for our customers in the semiconductor industry. We continue to support our clients with service offerings and consulting services after commissioning and enable the further improvement of existing production systems through upgrades. VISL services at a glance:

• Delivery, assembly and commissioning of the VPD methodology equipment on-site

• Maintenance services

• Purchasing of replacement parts required for the continuous operation of the VPD methodology equipment

• Supplementary service offerings and consulting for systems in ongoing processes (e.g. online/cloud troubles shooting systems)

• Training of customer staff in the operation of the VPD methodology equipment

VISL is your best choice for value-added customer-oriented

VPD methodology equipment service provider.


GeMeTec WSPS System Upgrade Program

Add 12+ years life to your WSPS system

--- guarantee a 12 years UNLIMITED free online support, cloud technology machine monitoring, and part supply for as low as USD1,075 ~ 2300/month  (subject to machine build and machine prequalification check applied)
Complete Upgrade With:

1. New Window software compatible with 64 bits WIN 10

2. With extra features added

3. Excellent file logging feature ---

    guarantees error catching

4. Detailed exploded assembly views --- 

    easy for service

5. Online/Cloud troubleshooting --- 

    short downtime

6. With stable and commercially available electronic boards and parts

7. No more outdated DOS computers

8. No more unstable and yet hard to find custom-made electronic boards

9. No more frustration when troubleshooting with guess

Contact Us for More Information

Please contact us for more information about our services or an inquiry to engineering solutions that will best accommodate your needs.

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