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VISL is actively involved in various large scale projects located in USA, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia. 


Our experts and engineers have been responsible for number of  projects throughout USA & Asia.

VISL is confident to successfully deliver engineering design and implementation of the project due to our extensive experience and knowledge.

Scope of Business

  • Manufacturing automatic VPD machines to continue to supply the market with new products.
  • Servicing customers with their old system technology.
  • Actively researching and developing new methodologies
  • Co-development new project is highly welcome

Team Force

  • Shung Hsung Liao, Chief Advisor
  • YuHui Liao, President
  • Yen Choo, Technical and Sales Manager
  • Peter Tang, Software/Service Engineer  (based in Taiwan)
  • Jason Wang, Product and Marketing Manager (based in Taiwan)
  • Rory Plaire, Software Engineer  
  • Chao Qi, Production Engineer
  • Larry Peacock, Design Engineer
  • Kathy Anderson, Adminitrastor
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