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The Best Choice of Manufacturing Solutions for the VPD Methodology Equipment

VISL is a complete solution provider for wafer surface heavy metal contamination analysis which using VPD methodology of the equipment market. Our services include design, software development, product development and manufacturing for the VPD methodology equipment.

We are making use of our experience as a global service company not only to maintain our core semiconductor business but expand into new ventures such as solar technology and medical devices. While earning high recognition for our ability to custom design and manufacture the VPD methodology equipment products, our services will continue to aid customers in successfully meeting the demands.

VISL has built a strong reputation of success with a worldwide customer base that includes some of the most successful companies in the semiconductor and equipment manufacturing industries. As a company we have nearly 15 years of experience in building customer partnerships that are strengthened by our solid work ethic and business practices.

VISL is your best choice for value-added customer-oriented

VPD methodology equipment manufacturing solutions.


Product Overview

​Remarks for Accessories

• Loadports (max 2), Cognex Reader, Bar Code Reader, Sorter software, and Log Uploader Software.

• GB7S series equipped with pre-aligner as standard wafer handling system

• Customize combination available upon request

VPD Series​

VPD Series 300/450 Model

VPD Series MXFumers & NXScanners for high throughput

VPD Series equipped with Laser Mark Reader

Software demo when testing 450mm throughput

HBB Series​

Patent-pending HBB Views and Animations



Contact Us for More Information

Please contact us for more information about our services or an inquiry to engineering solutions that will best accommodate your needs.

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